Who we are

We're a creative writing group based in Didsbury, Manchester. We've been at it for over thirty years and we're still going strong - new people, good work and some publishing successes. Below you'll find a few of our members who've stuck their heads above the parapet. A typical meeting nowadays is around 20 people, who may or may not include some of these faces.

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CJ Harter

"Imagine you lose your mind... and something’s waiting to take its place"

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B E Andre

"I could not put the book down. Wonderfully evocative writing which made me laugh and cry..." What more could we say?

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David Beckler

"A powerful and violent first chapter precedes a superb opening 100 pages, the best I’ve read this year. And the pace never lets up in this cat and mouse thriller, evocatively set amid Manchester’s threatening underworld." – Crime Thriller Hound's review of Brotherhood, available February 2019

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Andy Redsmith

"The author’s spare yet vivid style and clever way of plunging us into a situation where questions are the only way out demonstrates confidence, a confidence that engenders trust for the reader." - Alison Morton

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Beverley Proctor

Stories drawn from an interesting international life

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Ed Wilson

Half a dozen unpublished novels, a few letters to the paper, two computer manuals, some very fine rejection letters...

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Caroline England

Caroline England is a former divorce lawyer based in Manchester. Beneath the Skin, her debut novel, was published by Avon HarperCollins in October 2017. Her second book, My Husband’s Lies, followed in May 2018. She now has a two-book deal with Piatkus.

Caroline England's own site

Martha Ashwell

A brave and moving memoir

‘A child can only trust that the adults in his or her life are living the truth. When it emerges that they are living a lie of almost breathtaking proportions, the fallout and heartbreak for so many individuals is inevitable. The tragedy is that it was avoidable, by simply living an honest and open life.’

‘Ashwell presents her story in an accessible, moving style, underpinned with a deep spirituality. Her personal history is deftly interwoven with the history of the time.’ - E M Powell

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