Boz Andre

B. E. Andre (Boz) was born in Bury, the child of Polish post-war refugee parents. She was educated at Stretford Grammar and Loreto College, read French, German and Swedish at U. C. W. Aberystwyth, and then completed further post-graduate studies in Manchester. These were eventually followed by an M. A. in Critical and Creative Writing at the University of Winchester, United Kingdom. She worked for Reuters News Agency in London where she specialized in the oil market.

She is the proud mother of three grown-up sons who left home when they were supposed to. She lives in Northwich, Cheshire. Among her many interests is the study of log cabins and garden sheds, and she is on permanent look-out for the ideal writer's retreat in the Mazury region of Poland. Failing that, Wales also seems like a good option.

"I love my Tuesday evenings at the writers' group. Not only have I had the opportunity to meet writers of different genres and learn from them, I've also made many new friends. After the meeting the heated discussions in the pub are also stimulating and good fun."

Her novel With Blood and Scars can be bought here

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Five Star Review Excerpts on Amazon

"With Blood and Scars is B.E Andre's debut Novel. I truly hope it will not be her last. The story of Ania, Ossie, Gianni, Manuela and Stevo sucked me in, and I was unable and unwilling to get out. It was beautiful and wonderfully funny yet so sad it ripped my heart from my chest and squeezed it until I couldn't breathe."

"Andre's skilful story-telling brings out a child's innocence while unflinchingly revealing what an adult would fudge or hide. This touching, sometimes shocking, tender, compassionate and in parts funny story is underpinned by the dislocations between cultures faced by refugees and their descendants, with wonderful, believable characters with whom I laughed, cried and bonded."

"I could not put the book down. Wonderfully evocative writing which made me laugh and cry... I especially enjoyed the flashbacks to Ania's childhood set in Sixties Manchester within the Polish community."

"This will help enormously to describing the position of the Polish emigrants arrival to the UK after the war, which is something that I have had to spend all my life also explaining."

"This is a sensitively written and important social documentary about the struggles and loyalties of peoples displaced by war and politics."