Calling all writers in Manchester and further afield...

South Manchester Writers' Workshop is a creative writing group based in Didsbury. We are open to writers of all types - novels, plays, poetry, short stories...

Just... received an email from Midwest Literary Magazine saying they want to put Crossing the Border in their new anthology... I read it to the group in the summer sometime (about a guy who stands by while someone is beaten by border guards in Laos), and made some improvements based on everyone's comments. Thanks all! The system works!
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A while ago I read out my initial draft of a story... about a death machine. The general consensus was I was trying to do too much (I had fifteen characters for Pete's sake) so I eliminated half of it. Well this shortened much improved version just came out with a bunch of other stories about the death machine. Thanks again for the input.
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We meet every Tuesday, 7:30 to 9:30, at the Didsbury Methodist Church, Sandhurst Rd, Didsbury. We're open to anyone who wants to turn up. Your first session's free, to see how we do things, and then we charge enough each time to cover the hire of the room and a coffee half-way through.

Different people need different kinds of writers' groups. If you want a course in creative writing, try your local adult education classes. For some people, writing is "just" a hobby, and there are groups which support that kind of activity. Try your local library or look on the web.

Our focus is very much on getting published. That doesn't mean we don't welcome beginners and hobbyists of course. We'll incorporate a discussion of characterisation or dialogue development if that's what someone needs. But the next week we might be talking about literary agents and how to make them notice you.

We're basically a "work-in-progress" group. The backbone of a Tuesday evening meeting is half a dozen people reading out what they've been working on, so that the rest of us can comment, criticise and rip it to shreds. All in a positive vein, of course, and most of us are good friends, most of the time.

It's usually a selection of novels-in-progress with a leavening of short stories and poetry. At the moment we have a strong memoir strand but we've had journalism, reminiscences from the age of jazz, or someone doling out copies of a play - you play her, you play him... We'll try anything.


Rupan Malakin published!

Daliso Chaponda published!

Group news

New books by members of the group have found their way onto the shelves:

With Blood and Scars by B E Andre
David Beckler's Brotherhood
Aegean Gold by John Waterhouse
Chris Gill's Back Road
Erosion by Ruth Estevez

Our books on Kindle

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The Chav Killer by John Keane (now doing well in the US)

Erosion by Ruth Estevez (also available in paperback)

Egotist by Chris Gill

Illusions of Grandeur and Other Stories by TS Gwilliam

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The plays of John Waterhouse

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Following his well-received Roman farces, John's How to Relax in Andalucia is now on an Arts-Council-supported tour.

And now a musical play! Chess Pieces can be seen in Didsbury, 21-22 September.

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