Mark Mitchell

I have always wanted to be a fantasy writer. I don’t have any memory of a sudden flash of insight, of a moment of blinding truth. All I know is that from the earliest moment I can remember (okay maybe not the very earliest!) I wanted to create a world that rivalled the power of Tolkien's.

I started as soon as I finished my A levels, and for three years worked away at The Sunset Glows, the first in an epic fantasy series. I was rather proud of fitting it in around the demands of my degree and my summer holiday jobs and was sure that it would be the next bestseller: until my brother kindly pointed out that what I had produced was rubbish. So I decided I would get it right next time.

When I graduated in 2007 I went at it with everything I had. I got a part time job at O2 to finance myself and went all out on my new project The Cold Light of Day. In March 2009 I finished my third draft, and handed it confidently to my proof reader, who sadly pointed out that, while better, the middle was boring and the end wasn't great.

Having spent this long out I knew I now needed to develop a back up career, so in September 2009 I left O2 and started a PGCE in adult education and literacy. But I hadn't given up. Instead of being dreadful, The Cold Light of Day had a lot going for it, if I only had the determination to see it through. So the first quarter was edited and polished til it shone, and the final three quarters thrown out and begun to be replaced with something (hopefully!) an awful lot better.

The Cold Light of Day is a hard hitting dark fantasy novel set in modern day Britain, in which reality and the surreal are inextricably intertwined. Wizards gamble for absolute power in a world where morality has long since lost any semblance of black and white and exists only in various shades of grey. The main character is ruthless and cold to his very core, his conscience torn by years of pain and disillusionment, holding on only because his younger sister needs him. But even his magic seems useless against the power of the Voice, an ancient evil against whom it seems there can be no victory...

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