Forever and ever - synopsis"

by Ed Wilson

Image for cover of Ed Wilson's book Forever and ever

This story could be about you and me. If we had the money - lots of money - and the luck, we could be there, we could do this. If you're around 50 now you could be in on the experiments. A decade younger and the odds might be even. But if you were 20 years old at the beginning of the new millennium, then one day you could be immortal...

The year is 2032. Anna Bradley - rich, comfortable, 59 years old - is in line for serial immortality. Her memories will be transferred to a new body, cloned from her tissue eighteen years ago, and when the time comes there will be another body, and then another. At one time this was all Anna wanted, but she's lost her faith. Whoever wakes up in the new body, she can't believe it will be her, and she doesn't want to die.

She fights as far as the law will go, but the Semper Corporation has a contract with her name on it. She was rich enough to buy that contract, and she's rich enough to wriggle out of it - that's what the lawyers tell her. But there's an eighteen-year-old girl waiting to come into a life of her own. And, when it comes to it, that's what matters.

What Anna doesn't know is that she has a powerful ally in the campaign. Semper is an organisation which exploits not just the latest science, but also the politics of a fragmenting world, in its drive to clone the rich and pile up their money. If it encounters powerful people on the way, it deals with the problems as they come. The many, apparently powerless, individuals it leaves in its wake will have to take their chances.

One of these individuals has secretly worked himself up to an important position in the corporation, and will not rest until he has brought Semper's operations to an end. He doesn't care whether Anna is a useful stooge or just another ignored victim, but her legal challenge gives him the chance to make his final move.

The fourth draft is complete - about 100,000 words - but another one is required.