Blood debt - synopsis"

by Ed Wilson

Image for cover of Ed Wilson's book Blood Debt

Vicky is just her name for today, but it's more than she finds out about the man she meets in the bar. He boasts white hair, white skin and white clothes, and he can face down two violent drunks without lifting a finger.

Trouble, she thinks, pleased when he disappears into the night. Trouble certainly finds her - a dead body by her hotel bed, interviews with the police - and then he finds her again and helps her to escape. Not for long, as they are bundled into the back of a car, under armed guard.

She soon discovers that he has psychic powers, but it's as if he wanted to be taken, and since she ends up tied to the chair next to him, Vicky feels she's owed some kind of explanation.

When it comes, it comes as pictures in her head - a bank manager, familiar face but with normal coloration; a gang he had criminal dealings with and wished he hadn't; he, his wife and his son bound and bleeding to death. He's back from the dead to get his revenge, living on borrowed time, and that sounds quite plausible to Vicky who - many names ago - should have died in the rubble of a terrorist attack.

Now he needs her. She has to slit his wrists so that he dies "properly" and takes the bad guys with him. This she does - under protest - and runs from a burning building, all memory of the past couple of days leaching out of her in just those few steps.

The first draft is complete - about 60,000 words. Some editing and fleshing out is required.